Chronic Pain Management

Chronic or persistent pain is pain that carries on for longer than 8 weeks despite medication or treatment.

If that’s you we may be able to help.

Specializing in Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, RSD, CRPS, neuropathy, spinal stenosis/degeneration/herniation, chronic migraine, and neurological injuries.

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BobbyBobby ★★★★★ Unfortunately I have to go here from severe major back pain. You name it I've tried nearly everything. If have to I recommend this place very very highly! I'd give it even more stars if I could. But don't be an idiot like so many have. To try to even get in a place like this. Listen to them. An do as much as possible besides going here. I'll tell what I do a little bit down. But 1st I need to do this.I am so so greatful to Dr. Britney Hall. You couldn't ask for a more understanding Dr. She is amazing. I'm truly grateful that I have her as one. Even though I'd trade prefer not to have all the pain. Which I'll explain stuff besides here that helps. Unfortunately today I forgot to ask how she was doing. Which I honestly an truly feel bad about. She came in an got me off guard about a situation after I thanked her for helping with. If come here an get Dr. Hall your very lucky!So what else that works an what I do besides here? #1 I sleep on my side. So I saved up. Spent nearly an hour laying on different beds atleast 10 minutes on each side. #2 got on Amazon looked for side sleeping pillows (I sleep on my side). They will look extermly slim. They've been vaccumed sealed I guess. Let them air out a moment. Take both sides an pull out ward several time and even the end if need be. If never seen one you'd be shocked how thick they get. You may need to flip the pillow every night. #3 I looked up how to sleep on side. This is kinda important. Most pillows at a regular store are big an fluffy or you have an older one that shrank downa good bit. Try sleeping with it between knees an knees bent some. This all keeps your spine more aligned at night. #5 they'll recommend physical theropy. Atleast go several times make sure your doing the stretching the correct way. Personally that hour is a little painful so I do differnt ones throughout the day on my own with a rail so I don't fall. Also doing them in pools are easier. Along with that I get up every little bit or sit every little bit. An can't walk long but atleast 3x a day try 15 min walks. #6 again on Amazon. I can't fined one in stores. Is a XXL heating pad. It covers from past my neck to the bottom of lower back also a little wider then my shoulders. Most can actually wash them to an use wet heat if want. (not trying to sell Amazon just where I found items that help me). #7 they do offer accupuntur lots of insurances cover this too. It can help. I haven't had it done here. It is a separate appointment. I recommend it. Accupuntur can do all kinds of things in different areas not just pain. #8 if have the means. Insurance usually won't cover a massage. Even though I'm not talking about a real relaxing one. There called deep tissues. If do drink some water before. Before they start they will or let them know if it's to hard. They will press on knots an work them down which releases toxins. So drink plenty of water after words. #9 invest in a descent back brace. It my have a velcro thing in certer of back inside, also make sure it double velcors. Meaning main belt then another on top. You don't want it extermly tight nor to loose. These are just what I do besides going here. An suggestions. Might not be able to do some which I understand. We all have different issues.Remember whatever your going through it could always be worse. I'm sure Dr's an nurse all day hear about complaining. They are people to. Ask them how they are doing. Don't have to get to personal. They may not like that. But it shows your not just thinking of yourself.If have to be here or need a place this one is great. Again I'm so happy to have Dr Hall as my Dr here. Couldn't ask for anyone more understanding an caring.I do advise the stuff I've name off if possible or what you can if possible. But know your limits. An might have to save for some. Or build muscles back for some if can. But besides here this is what helps.Nita MasseyNita Massey ★★★★★ Everyone is amazing and very friendly. I would recommend this practice to anyone in true pain. Very knowledgeable and not a pill mill. Love Dr. Jones and Chase 🥰Devy GDevy G ★★★★★ Dr. Johnson is very motivated and knowledgeable. He’s more focused on the quality of care and the safety of his patients, rather than just telling them what they want to hear. I feel as if I finally have a logical plan to reduce my pain and increase my quality of life.Natalie Sachs-EricssonNatalie Sachs-Ericsson ★★★★★ These doctors are highly skilled physicians. They are so very caring, and spend a lot of time getting to know you. They work very hard to help you find treatments that work, often dealing with patients with complex pain related problems. I am so grateful to them!Grady MayfieldGrady Mayfield ★★★★★ Been going here for years and they have been doing a good job helping me with my pain in my neck and backJerard CarpenterJerard Carpenter ★★★★★ Dr Johnson is a very nice doctor who is concerned about his Patience and what he can do to make his patiences have some type of relief of the pain there having he listens to everything you say doesn't try to run you out the door and the staff is also amazing so kind and friendly you feel at home there my name is catenia Thompson and I would recommend them to anyoneAngela GodwinAngela Godwin ★★★★★ Dr. Johnson is wonderful he truly cares about his patients , and the nurses and staff are kind as well , I would definitely recommend Dr. Johnson to anyone in pain I’m so grateful for this facilityErica LiemErica Liem ★★★★★ I recently tried infusions to help my pain decrease. It worked wonderfully. Dr. Johnson and his nurses showed kindness and compassion through my treatments. I have never had a doctor as compassionate as Dr. Johnson. His nurses are caring and took good care of me.Maria WilliamsMaria Williams ★★★★★ I love the staff in office ways helpful. Im seeing a new practitioner Vicki and she is great. She listens to me and dont make me feel Im seeking drugs. The last Practitioner Jodi who is no longer with the office made me feel like my pain was in my head.Andrew MortonAndrew Morton ★★★★★ Great to have another pain management practice in Tallahassee. Dr. Johnson is excellent.Samantha RogersSamantha Rogers ★★★★★ ⭐️if possible I would give more the 5 stars⭐️I am so blessed to have foundDr. David Johnson and his nurse and office staff to help treat and oversee my neck and back pain issues.Everybody here is so wonderful, kind, caring, and compassionate. My nurse Erin is absolutely amazing and she really made me feel comfortable and explained everything into terms where I would be able to understand what needed to be done. I appreciate how knowledgeable she is as well as the time she spent in the room with me.Dr. David Johnson is so kind he explains everything thoroughly and really engages with his patients. During my first patient appointment he came in and it felt like he spent a good 45 minutes talking with us. I am so glad I Have this amazing office staff treating me.It is very rare to find a place like this these days especially when it’s a pain management facility.* I just want to let every staff member I had contact with from the check in to check out did a fantastic job and and I appreciate that hard work you all do to make your patience feel comfortable and happy.js_loader