Southeast Neurology Specialists is switching our telemedicine platform. Recently, the Federal and State Governments have temporarily removed some restrictions that limited our ability to care for patients via telemedicine (video conferencing).  While video conferencing is not our preferred way to see our patients, it allows us to continue providing care while dealing with this virus and the restrictions it is causing.   We are now using a safe and hippa-compliant application called doximity to perform over-the-phone office visits.  This new software allows us to send you a no-response text message that will immediately place you into a video call with your provider upon accepting the patient invite. No need to download an app or create an account!

How to use doximity

Using Doximity is easy. Go to your messages and wait for your provider to send you the link. Then, click the link, the link should bring you to the patient-provider call room.

We look forward to seeing you and thank you for being our patients; stay safe, and we will all get through these trying times.